We are a highly passionate and skilled team dedicated to bringing everyone the hope and opportunity of receiving high quality therapy. If you are enquiring about therapy for the first time on the northern beaches please feel free to request a free 10 minute consultation.

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Roughly 3 million Australians will suffer from some form of anxiety every year, We specialise in the treatment of anxiety. It can be normal to have anxiety from time to time, however when anxiety gets in the way of a normal life it is important to seek help.


Nearly one million people suffer from depression on an annual basis in Australia. Depression can be a serious mental health issue and if you are currently suffering help should be sought immediately. Nearly all suicides are linked to some form of depression and it is important to not ignore others cry for help. If someone you know is suffering please give us a call today.


Addictions ruin peoples lives, an addiction is any type of behaviour that obstructs function of every day life. Roughly 5% of the population suffer from addictions every year. We treat all addictions including drug, alcohol, eating, gambling and much more.

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